Paediatric Nutrition

  • Paediatric Nutrition
Author : Suraj Gupte
ISBN: 9788184451085
Year: 2012
Pages: 416
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.395.00
About Book
Pediatric Nutrition, Second Edition Incorporating National and International Recommendations (IAP, NNF, GOI’s DOWCD, BPNI, FOGSI, ICMR, AAP, IPA, NFI, IBFAN, WABA, ACASH, UNICEF, WHO, etc.) Edited by Suraj Gupte MD, FIAP The pioneering textbook, Pediatric Nutrition, from the Indian subcontinent is the outcome of coordinated expertise, dedication, hard work and thoughtfulness of scores of distinguished contributors drawn from India and other countries. All chapters are state-of-the-art, concise and yet comprehensive and to-the-point and are written in a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand style, keeping in mind the settings in the Indian subcontinent. The treatise indeed is a dependable source to find comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative information and guidance on various aspects of child nutrition. A reader-friendly book, it is primarily addressed to the pediatric residents, pediatric teachers and practitioners, health-providers in the field of maternal and child health as also the nutritionists across the board. The researchers, planners, policy-makers and policy implementers shall find enough of “food for thought” and reference material in it. Excerpts from Book Reviews “......a very comprehensive and up-to-date book on child nutrition, especially relevant to the readers of the Indian subcontinent......Special feature of the book is incorporation of the national and international recommendations...... will serve the pediatricians, both from academic and practising background, for a long time to come.” –Indian Pediatrics, New Delhi, India “ outstanding and well-illustrated spotlight on the best in the pediatric nutrition globally with supportive references at the end of each and every chapter....strongly recommended for the target audience.” –Tropical and Subtropical Pediatrics,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia “......most comprehensive, most up-to-date and most relevant textbook on child nutrition…tailor-made for the target readership in the Indian subcontinent.” – Asian Journal of Maternity and Child Health, Manila, Philippines “......well-edited, and profusely illustrated chapters–all full of excellent contents…undoubtedly a very useful and an easy reading. It should serve pediatricians both from academic and practising background for many, many years ahead... remarkable work. The much-sought-after key details in child nutrition as relevant to India and other South-East Asian countries provided in this highly recommended book should stand the target group of readers in great stead.” – About Prof (Dr) Suraj Gupte A recipient of the “Medical Author of the Decade” award, and a product of the prestigious Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, Dr Suraj Gupte is currently Professor and Head, Postgraduate Department of Pediatrics, Narayana Medical College and Hospitals, Nellore, South India. He occupies place of pride for distinguished contribution as an educationist, author, researcher and innovator globally. He has represented India at several international Conferences, Workshops, Symposia, Seminars etc. worldwide as guest speaker, chairperson, rapporteur etc. and is a winner of several national and international Fellowships. He has served on several academic task forces/working groups, as editorial advisor/referee/reviewer for several national and international journals. He has published/presented at national and international conferences over 200 papers. Dr Gupte has authored/edited several books, including the international series, Recent Advances in Pediatrics (which has had 45 volumes released so far), The Short Textbook of Pediatrics (now in its 11th edition), Pediatric Gastroenterology , Hepatology and Nutrition (an Indo-American venture), Pediatric Emergencies and Neonatal Emergencies.
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