Radiology of Positioning for Technician

  • Radiology of Positioning for Technician
Author : O.P. Sharma
ISBN: 9788184450118
Year: 2007
Pages: 144
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.150.00
About Book
Radiology of Positioning for Technician Prof. O.P. Sharma Is presently working as Head, Department of Radiology Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Prof. O.P. Sharma graduated in 1971 and obtained MD (Radiology) in January 1976. Then took the appointment of lecturer in the Department of Radiology of Institute of Medical Sciences in 1977. He qualified the examination for PhD (Radiology) also in 1992, Prof. Sharma is only PhD in the Northern belt of the country. Dr. O.P. Sharma was appointed Professor in 1998 and became Head, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University. His earlier publication entitled “Seminar in Radiology” and “Skeletal Dysplasia and Dysostoses—Roentgen Observation” are in the market. This is the third book “Radiology of Positioning for Technician” is especially meant for technician but will also be helpful for any person in the job related to radiological work. Dr. Sharma had also contributed four chapters in the different books written by other authors, more than 80 scientific papers are already published in international as well as national journals. Dr. Sharma is teacher for conventional radiology and imaging both for last 29 years out of which he has also worked as Associate Professor and Head in Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences and then as Prof. and Head at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry and Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha. He organised 1st and 16th UP chapter conference of Indian Radiological Association and two National Seminars at Banaras Hindu University. He had been vice-president, president of IRIA UP state branch, national vice-president and presently he is secretary of Indian College of Radiology and Imaging and also had been in the editorial board of international ultrasound and quarterly journal of surgical sciences and Journal of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association. Dr. Sharma was awarded with Dr. K.M. Rai and Dr. P.L. Varshney Gold Medal, fellowship of All Medico Society, Indian College of Radiology and Imaging, Indian College of Medical Ultrasound, New York Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Medical Sciences and Kashi Ratna awards, and is examiner as well as inspector for the course of MD, DMRD and DNB in Radiodiagnosis, as well as expert in appointment of faculty position. The present book entitled “Radiology of Positioning for Technician” is a dedicated book for Radiology Technician which will enrich their knowledge about different radiological views required for different human body parts examination. This book details step by step about the various skiagrams including their positioning, exposure factors, dark room procedures and accessories used for conventional radiological skiagrams. This book also deals with physics aspect of X-ray tube, property of X-rays, radiation hazards, radiation protection and about ultrasound, computerised tomographic scan, MRI scan, radionuclide scan and various special investigations. Besides, this book will also be helpful to some extent to postgraduate medical students who are doing the Diploma or Degree course in Radiodiagnosis. Thus the effort in presenting this book will prove a milestone in basic training of all the technical aspects.
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