Sociology for Nurses, 2/e

  • Sociology for Nurses, 2/e
Author : GN Prabhakara
ISBN: 9788184450675
Year: 2009
Pages: 184
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.125.00
About Book
This book is in response to enquiry by nursing profession for a title Sociology for Nurses. The profession which commands higher scale of understanding, sympathy, advice, counselling and nursing of the sick and injured, is supplemented with whole area of social science and behavioural sciences. Required addition including additional chapter and syllabus are made. Publishers have made a venture to put across all requirements to the nursing profession, both for teachers and the taught. It has filled the unmet need of the nursing profession. Dr GN Prabhakara GN Prabhakara, is Principal and Professor of PSM at SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Manjushree Nagar, Sattur, Dharwad- 580009. He has been a teaching faculty for the past 37 years involving teaching and training of nursing students, medical students and students of allied health sciences in the country. He has served Central Government till 1974, later in Karnataka State Government Medical Colleges till February 2004 and later at SDM College of Medical Sciences and Hospital since 2004. He has to his credit many scientific papers which have been published in various journals. He has authored 16 Titles and one National Document and has wide experience in training doctors, nurses, medical officers, ICDS staff, paramedical workers, home science graduates, public health engineering courses, and district health administrator. Apart from providing expertise and public health consultancy, he is member of various committees and Board of Studies of Health Science University.
About Author
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