Author : GN Prabhakara
ISBN: 9788188867738
Year: 2007
Pages: 212
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.195.00
About Book
Language is the backbone for any profession to sustain the knowledge, to communicate, to interact and to enjoy the society with all other members of the community. One of the leading health professions, the Nursing Profession which always care for the patient in his physical, mental, social and spiritual illness do need English base. This long-standing charisma of English through combined efforts of a doctor and a linguist; is fulfilled by the effort of Mr. Pawaninder P. Vij through ‘English for Nurses’. The title is unusual because apart from grammar, composition, transformation and synthesis, the title has detailed English usage, verb pattern, question tags, written composition, vocabulary, nursing conversation, nursing terminology, nursing procedures’ technology, phonetics and public speech. Day-to-day nursing activities are used in most of the illustrations that makes the title unique from the publishers to the nursing profession. G.N. Prabhakara a public health expert is a Diplomate in English and French. Author of 14 textbooks has many publications at his credit. His 31 years' experience with nursing profession in Central and State Governments is explicit in writing. His venture of English and Kannada classes to medicos and nurses in medical and nursing colleges is still continued even today. Mrs. Malathi Prabhakara an Industrial Development and consultant in Food Science Technology is a linguist and an economist by her postgraduate qualification. Her teaching to U.N. university students and food science students has brought out unique attempt in language text.
About Author
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